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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our commonly asked questions that may help you through the process.

Is granite a smooth surface like other solid surface materials?

Yes, The granite we use is 99.9% free of holes, pits and fissures. The beauty exhibited in granite is the product of nature and nature produces various quality grades of granite. We only use premium quality granite that is the most superior grade of granite.

Is my granite countertop backed by a warranty?

It took nature over a million years to make granite and only a diamond is stronger than granite. Your granite countertop will be just as strong and beautiful 100 years or 1000 years from now.

What colors are available in natural stone?

Granites, Marbles, engineered stone, soapstone, Ceasarstone and silestone are available in a wide variety of colors.

Does granite require special care?

Granite is easier to maintain than you might expect. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth clean up most spills. Granite is a worry-free surface, requiring few special requirements. It is extremely durable, stain-resistant and easy to care for.

Does marble require special care?

Marble is a softer, less stain-resistant surface than granite and it should be treated like a fine piece of wood. Spills should be wiped up immediately; coasters should be placed under beverage glasses to avoid staining and etching. Marble is especially susceptible to damage from citric acids, alcohols and oils. Yet, with proper care, its beauty will last for generations.

Why do I have seams in my countertop and what do they look like?

Slab size determines the need for seaming. One slab may not be large enough for the entire length of the countertop. The weight of the material may dictate that seams are inserted so that the structural integrity of the material is not jeopardized. The cabinet structure, placement of the cook tops, or other cutouts may require seams. Don’t worry; our experienced installers will make your seam(s) virtually invisible.

What influences pricing of a granite countertop?

There are several variables that affect the pricing of granite. The material is priced by square ft and the prices are dependent on the product’s availability and country of origin. Additional fabrication requirements, such as cook top or sink cut outs, edge detail, corner treatments, and other special requests add to the price.

Can I choose the granite slab that will be used for my countertops?

YES! Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it so everyone gets exactly what they want.

At what point can my project be measured?

All measurements for countertops must be taken after all relevant cabinets, sink, faucet and other accessories are in place and permanently set.

What kind of edge details are available?

We can do any kind of edge detail that you can imagine... from the simplest straight polished edge to an elaborately detailed edge. Our most popular edges are pencil,1/4” radius, 1/4” bevel edge, full-bullnose and ogee edge.

What kinds of finished are available in natural stone?

Marble and granite are typically shipped from quarries with a polished, or shiny, face. Soapstone is usually available in a "honed" finish, which is smooth to the touch, but not shiny. Marble can, however, also come in tumbled or distressed textures depending on current availabilities.

What is the difference between an "undermount" sink and a "drop-in" sink? Is there a cost difference for the the type of cutout required?

A "drop-in" sink has a lip that folds over the countertop and is therefore resting on top of the cutout. Fasteners underneath the countertop securely mount an "undermount" sink so that a polished edge of granite, marble, etc. is exposed above the sink. An undermount sink cutout requires more polishing and installation labor than a drop-in sink cutout and is therefore a more expensive option. Different edges are also available for finish in the undermount cutout sink.

What is your current lead-time for installation?

You can generally expect our lead-time for installation to be approximately 5 business days following the jobsite measure.

Can granite be used in food preparation areas?

Granite is an excellent product for use in the kitchen and other food preparation areas. Under normal conditions it is stain, chip, scratch and burn resistant. Unlike other countertop material, granite poses no health or sanitation problems. Because of its unparalleled beauty and classic look, granite is an excellent choice for vanities, wet bars, tub decks and fireplace surrounds.

Can you cut on granite?

Granite is an extremely tough, durable material and can be used as a cutting surface without fear of scratching the stone. However, we recommend that you use a cutting board, repeated cutting on granite will dull your knives.

Can you set hot pots and pans on granite?

Granite is ideal for kitchens because it will not burn and it will not be harmed by hot pans or open flames.

Does granite chip or scratch?

Granite is a very dense material and it is chip and scratch resistant.

Do I need support brackets for my raised bar or overhang?

We recommend using support brackets for any marble or granite overhang that exceeds 12" and require brackets. The length of the brackets should be roughly 3" less than the total overhang width and should be placed approximately every 3 or 4 feet.

Should granite be sealed?

We recommend that you seal your granite once a year virtually eliminating the possibilities of staining. Sealing is as easy as wiping your counter with windex. When you have a spill, quickly wipe up the spill. If a spill is left overnight, especially if the liquid is grease, oil, coffee or wine, the granite may darken. Not to worry, we can remove the stain, applying a poultice that will pull out the stain from the granite. Also applied is a stone impregnator that will penetrate the stone and prevent staining.

Can granite be repaired?

While it is difficult to permanently repair granite, it is also very difficult to damage it. However, if some damage does occur, granite usually can be repaired by a mix of epoxy and ground-up chips of granite.

Can you remove our old countertop?

Yes, our installation crew can do this, but there may be an additional charge to do so.

Can my plumber use "plumber's putty" on my stonework to adhhere the sinks and faucets?

Absolutely NOT! Plumber's putty can quickly ruin natural stone tops; your plumber should use 100% silicone in place of plumber's putty.

Can you disconnect and reconnect the electric and gas?

No. We are not licensed to do this work. Please contact your local electrician.