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Atlas Granite

Granite, Marble, and Engineered Stone Fabrication

Our Process

Step 1: Visit Our Showroom

Want to find the perfect match to your design project? Want to take a few samples home? Come visit our showroom where we have a vast selection of materials, which are best viewed in person. We encourage you to bring your cabinet layout, or pictures from your home so that we can help you find what you are looking for. And you will leave with samples in your hand!

Step 2: Get The Answers

Your design project is unique, and you will want to know the differences between the materials you can choose from, the impact on installation and fabrication, long term maintenance and frankly the cost. At Atlas Granite we are prepared to answer all of your questions. Bring your cabinet layout, and measurements, select your material from our vast showroom selection and we will provide you the proposal you would expect.

Step 3: Details Finalized

We work with you to realize your design vision. That's why we ask you to visit our warehouse to make the final material selection - yes you get to pick the actual stone or material that we use to complete your design. To make life easy, for those installations that require a faucet, sink or other fixtures, provide Atlas with the model numbers and we will order them for you.

Step 4: Site Visit

Naturally we visit your site to prepare for any special considerations and to understand your final design completely. This is the last step before install!

Step 5: Final Stages

Working with you we coordinate the best install date and time. We carefully perform our professional installation and clean up. We answer any questions you may have, and remain available for any post installation maintenance.

Now, you simply ENJOY!